Project Description

One of the premier offerings available at Rutland Lumber is the kiln-dried lumber for sale on this page. This type of wood is commonly used for flooring, mill works, cabinets, furniture, and many other applications that require quality kiln-dried lumber. You’ll find some of our varieties of lumber, which include popular varieties such as oak, poplar, and ash, better suited for certain projects over others. Regardless of the type of wood or product you choose, the kiln-dried timber process is essential for producing the best-quality lumber required for your project.

Our kiln-dried lumber for sale goes through an intensive process to ensure that the majority of the moisture within the wood evaporates out of it. This process helps prevent the numerous problems that can occur as a result of overly moist wood. When wet or moist, wood can warp or bend, which is especially problematic if you’re using the wood for floorboards or furniture. Floorboards that don’t go through the kiln-drying process can end up breaking or disassembling quickly, which could seriously damage the area in which they’re used.

The kiln-drying process itself involves a number of careful steps that ensures your kiln-dried timber is of the highest quality. The first step in this process is to remove the bark from the wooden logs and then sorting them by size and species. Air-drying is an option for some lumber manufacturers, but this process is neither as quick nor as thorough as using a kiln. The air within a kiln is rapidly circulated and heated, steaming out most of the moisture in the wood. Once the wood has achieved the ideal moisture level, the wood is removed from the kiln and given its final shape. Overall, the full kiln-drying and treatment process results in high-quality lumber that works great for just about every project. Check out our selection today.