After the lumber is manufactured and dipped, it leaves the mill on sticks to sit on the yard for a minimum of 90 days.  It
then goes into kilns until it reaches the desired moisture content.

We have 260,000 feet of steam kiln drying capacity that is operated by a well- seasoned foreman.  He slowly extracts the
moisture by using controlled temperature and pressure until the lumber reaches the desired moisture content.  Then the
lumber is conditioned for stress relief by inducing steam back into the lumber.

Once our lumber has been kiln dried, it receives a final and decisive NHLA inspection before being professionally
packaged for shipping.

The final product can be used for flooring, mill works, cabinets, furniture and many other applications needing quality kiln
dried lumber.
Red Oak
  • FAS Red Oak
  • 1C Red Oak
  • 2C Red Oak

White Oak
  • FAS White Oak
  • 1C White Oak
  • 2C White Oak
  • FAS Poplar
  • 1C Poplar
  • 2C Poplar

  • FAS Ash
  • 1C Ash
  • 2C Ash
If you need any additional information about Kiln Dried Lumber, please contact Joey Childs.